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Lewdness Defense Attorney for Drexel Students
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    Lewdness Defense Attorney for Drexel Students

    Lewdness is an embarrassing and troublesome offense to have on your criminal record. While the penalties for this crime are not always severe, the impact it could have on your life can be immense. For instance, you could face academic discipline for being arrested or convicted for lewdness. If you attend Drexel University and you were charged with lewdness, you should consult with an experienced Philadelphia lewdness defense attorney for Drexel students.

    The Law Offices of Lloyd Long understand the legal ramifications of being arrested for a crime like lewdness, and we are here to help you fight your criminal case. To schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your claim, contact the Law Offices of Lloyd Long at (215) 302-0171 or contact us online.

    Elements of a Lewdness Offense by a College Student

    Lewdness, also known as open lewdness, is a crime that occurs when a person performs some profane and often sexually-related act. Pennsylvania defines lewdness as a vulgar offense that a person performs with knowledge or expectation that other people will observe the action and view it with disgust.

    Note, however, that while lewdness is a crime that can be characterized by sexually-related acts, the crime is different than a crime of indecent exposure. In some cases, a Drexel University student could be charged with lewdness and indecent exposure in the same case.

    Lewdness is an offense that can be committed in a number of ways. For example, if a person decides to engage in a sexual act in public, this could be enough to be charged with lewdness. Other examples of lewdness include:

    • Urinating in public in view of others
    • Observing another person within the privacy of their home
    • Watching pornographic material in public

    This is not an exhaustive list. Other scenarios can result in a person being charged with lewdness.

    To learn more about fighting a lewdness case in criminal court, you should continue reading and speak with an experienced Philadelphia criminal defense attorney today.

    Criminal Penalties for a Lewdness Conviction

    If a student of Drexel University is convicted of committing lewdness, the sentence imposed can vary depending on the circumstances. An offense for open lewdness is typically graded as a third degree misdemeanor. In Pennsylvania, a third degree misdemeanor carries the least severe penalties in comparison to second degree misdemeanors (moderate penalties) and first degree misdemeanors (severe penalties).

    When a defendant is convicted of a third degree misdemeanor, he can be sentenced to a maximum of one year in prison and up to $2,000 in criminal fines. That is why it is vital to consult with an experienced defense attorney. While a lewdness offense carries minimal penalties in relation to more serious crimes, it can still negatively impact your life.

    Additionally, if a defendant’s act of open lewdness was sexually-related in nature, it is possible it could be deemed as a registrable sex offense. This means that a defendant may have to register as a sex offender after being convicted of open lewdness. As a result, a defendant could have difficulty with finding gainful employment or even pursuing housing in desirable locales.

    Drexel Disciplinary Hearings for a Criminal Offense

    When attending an institution like Drexel University, explaining an arrest for open lewdness can be a daunting task. This task could be even more troublesome if the lewdness offense involved another student that attends the institution. Fortunately, our firm can help you mount a defense to any disciplinary proceedings that may result from your arrest.

    Drexel University’s disciplinary process has multiple steps that are used to determine whether the charges against a student are credible. For example, a pre-hearing conference is often scheduled to help determine how a student will plead to the charges levied against them.

    It is important to note that some aspects of Drexel’s disciplinary process may resemble court proceedings. However, Drexel does not operate using the same legal rules utilized in a criminal case. This means that you should not expect the high burdens necessary to convict a person of a crime. However, our firm is here to help you navigate the legal issues presented in criminal or disciplinary proceedings that you may have to endure.

    Work with Our Experienced Philadelphia Lewdness Defense Lawyer for Drexel Students

    If you are a student at Drexel University and you are accused of committing lewdness, you should contact an experienced Philadelphia lewdness defense lawyer for Drexel students. The Law Offices of Lloyd Long are dedicated to providing our clients with the legal representation they deserve. To help accomplish this goal, we avoid taking a large volume of cases in order to provide each client with the legal defense they require. To schedule a free case evaluation, contact the Law Offices of Lloyd Long at (215) 302-0171.