Case Results

Client Acquitted of Arson After Police Claimed To Find Him Holding the Gas Can Used to Start the Fire:

“A man walked into a take-out restaurant in north Philadelphia with a gas can and poured a small amount on the counter. He demanded money in exchange for not lighting it on fire, and followed through after the owners refused. One of the officers that responded to a 911 call put a restaurant owner in a police vehicle, and they drove around looking for the arsonist. S.M. was arrested four blocks from the restaurant only twenty minutes after the fire. According to the officer, S.M. was holding a red gas can when the restaurant owner pointed him out as the individual who was set the fire.”

Full Acquittal of Arson, Attempted Robbery, & Other Charges

Trial on Allegations that Client Sexually Assaulted Her Niece Ends With a Deadlocked Jury:

“M.H.’s young niece told her family that M.H. was abusing her. She repeated the claim to police, and testified against M.H. at trial. M.H.’s family also testified against her, claiming that the child’s behavior changed significantly for the worse around the time of the alleged abuse. The jury could not agree on a verdict and a mistrial was declared. The Commonwealth declined to prosecute M.H. a second time, in part because a significant majority of the jurors stated that they voted to acquit M.H.”

Mistrial Declared & Government Dropped Charges

Not Guilty of Armed Robbery … and Escaping the Police Station After Arrest:

“The occupants of a home called 911 and reported that L.A. and another man were robbing them at gunpoint. The men were arrested in the home and a gun supposedly used in the robbery was taken as evidence. The arresting detective testified that after his arrest, L.A. climbed through the ceiling of the station’s holding cell and tried to escape from custody. According to the detective, L.A. was captured when the ceiling collapsed and he fell to the floor. I argued at trial that my client and the other man were at the home buying drugs when the homeowners tried to rob them, and that police were only called when L.A. and the co-defendant disarmed them. As to the escape charge, I maintained that it was a cover up by police: they grew tired of my client’s loud complaints about being falsely accused of robbery, beat him, and charged him with escape to cover up the injuries he suffered in the beating. One jury heard both the home invasion and escape cases.”

Full Acquittal of All Charges

Identified by Multiple Victims of Armed Robbery and a Prison Snitch – Still Not Guilty:

“K.B. was arrested and charged with the armed robbery of eleven people at a tattoo party. The victims testified that K.B. and a co-defendant (who pleaded guilty to the charges) burst into a rental hall and forced the partygoers to lay on the ground while the two men collected their purses, wallets, and phones. K.B. was identified as one of the perpetrators by nearly half of the victims in photographic and live lineups. One of K.B.’s neighbors was arrested by federal law enforcement for drug trafficking. In an attempt to obtain leniency in his federal criminal case, he testified that K.B. had bragged about robbing the tattoo party. A Philadelphia Police sergeant assigned to a detail investigating southwest Philadelphia gang activity testified that he was familiar with the area where the robbery occurred. He claimed that K.B. spent time in the area frequently prior to the robbery, but he disappeared immediately afterward.”

Full Acquittal of All Charges

From Convicted Criminal to Expunged Record:

“While represented by another lawyer, P.G. was convicted of insurance fraud and related charges. P.G. retained me to file a petition under the Post-Conviction Relief Act. Through that petition and a subsequent evidentiary hearing, I proved that P.G.’s first lawyer had been ineffective at trial. His convictions were reversed as a result of a Sixth Amendment violation, and a new trial was granted. The second jury deadlocked and the trial court declared a mistrial. The Commonwealth eventually agreed to drop charges against P.G., and his record was expunged.”

Mistrial Declared, Charges Dropped, Record Expunged

“Client K.B. was charged with 14 counts of armed robbery and related counts. Obtained a full acquittal from a jury at trial.”

Full Acquittal of 14 Counts of Armed Robbery Charges

“Client S.M. was charged with arson and robbery. Offer before trial was 7-14 years. Obtained a full acquittal from a jury.”

Full Acquittal of Arson & Robbery Charges

“Client P.G. was convicted of insurance fraud while represented another lawyer. I obtained a reversal of the charges based on prior attorney’s ineffectiveness. After a subsequent mistrial, DA dropped charges and agreed to expunge arrest record.”

Dropped Charges Related to Insurance Fraud Charges

“Client L.A. was charged with an armed home invasion robbery and an escape from police custody. Obtained a full acquittal from a jury on both sets of charges in one trial.”

Full Acquittal of Armed Robbery Charges


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