The Penalties for First-Time Drug Possession in Pennsylvania

The Penalties for First-Time Drug Possession in Pennsylvania

Despite a nationwide shift towards the legalization and decriminalization of certain drugs, Pennsylvania’s drug laws still inflict severe penalties on drug crime offenders – even first-time offenders. Individuals who are convicted of drug crimes in Pennsylvania are...

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Can You Go to Jail for a Second DUI in Pennsylvania?

Can You Go to Jail for a Second DUI in Pennsylvania?

Courts have been cracking down on DUIs in recent years, issuing harsher punishments which can include jail time. Heavy sentencing for this type of crime is undoubtedly issued in an effort to deter people from drinking and driving in the future. Having one DUI on your...

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Collateral Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

A conviction comes with a host of repercussions beyond just jail time and fines. There are a variety of other collateral consequences that result from convictions. These include: Loss of reputation. You work hard to earn a good reputation among friends, family, and...

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Can Prescription Adderall Get Me in Trouble?

Adderall is a drug that is commonly prescribed to treat ADHD, but because it is cheap and relatively easy to obtain, many people use the drug outside of its intended purpose to improve stamina, increase concentration, and stave off tiredness. Because of its addictive...

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Result 1: Client K.B. was charged with 14 counts of armed robbery and other related counts. I successfully obtained a full acquittal from a jury...

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Result 2: Client P.G. was convicted of insurance fraud while represented by another lawyer. I obtained a reversal of the charges based on prior...

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Result 3: Client S.M. was charged with arson and robbery. The prosecution's offer of a plea before trial was a sentence of 7-14 years. I obtained a...

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