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Disciplinary Hearing Attorney for Drexel Students
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    Disciplinary Hearing Attorney for Drexel Students

    Whether you are a student at a Drexel University or another educational institution, the last event you want to experience is a disciplinary hearing due to a violation of student conduct. A violation of the student code of conduct can not only result in a disciplinary hearing, but you could also face criminal charges due to your actions. If you are a student at Drexel University, and you are facing a disciplinary hearing, consult with an experienced Philadelphia disciplinary hearing attorney for Drexel students.

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    Drexel University Code of Conduct Violations

    Drexel University’s code of conduct encompasses a wide range of actions that students are required to follow. Failure to adhere to the student code of conduct can result in a student facing disciplinary measures instituted by the university. Understanding the many code of conduct policies issued by Drexel University can help a student if they must defend themselves in a hearing.

    The following is a list of code of conduct violations that could lead to a disciplinary hearing or a criminal offense.

    Alcohol-Related Conduct Violations

    Underage drinking is a common occurrence on a number of college campuses. Consuming, purchasing, or transporting alcohol while under the age of 21 is a violation of Drexel’s code of conduct and Pennsylvania law. As a result, a student could be subject to disciplinary measures and criminal penalties.

    Underage drinking is not the only alcohol-related offense that can violate Drexel’s code of conduct:

    • Games associated with drinking alcohol, whether alcohol is used or not
    • Possession of instruments that encourage binge drinking like kegs or funnels
    • Distributing alcohol to underage people or providing a haven for underage people to consume alcohol

    Note, however, there are some circumstances where the consumption of alcohol may not result in disciplinary proceedings. For example, if a student has consumed too much alcohol and seek medical attention, they may not be disciplined for their choice to consume alcohol.

    Disorderly Conduct Violations

    Disorderly conduct is behavior that disrupts the peace or an academic environment despite whether a student commits the act on or off-campus. Examples of disorderly conduct that can lead to a disciplinary hearing include:

    • Insulting students and other members of the faculty in person or when using online discussion boards
    • Disrupting university public events, meetings, and similar social events
    • Antagonizing another’s right to freedom of expression
    • Excessive noise or lewd conduct at Drexel University

    Hazing Conduct Violations

    Drexel University’s code of conduct prohibits student organizations like athletic teams or fraternities from hazing students that wish to join the organization. Drexel defines hazing as intentional or reckless acts that force a student to commit one of the following actions to be admitted or to remain in a student organization:

    • Commit a state or federal crime
    • Consume food or other substances that can expose a student to illness
    • Endure physical punishment like beating, branding, or whipping
    • Venturing into adverse weather with minimal protection

    There are multiple types of hazing that a student may experience, like aggravated hazing or psychological hazing. The type of injuries caused to another student due to hazing could affect a student’s disciplinary case if they were involved in hazing activities.

    There are other types of illicit conduct that could result in a violation of the student code of conduct. To learn more about UPenn’s disciplinary procedures after code of conduct violations, continue reading and speak with an experienced Philadelphia disciplinary hearing lawyer.

    Drexel Disciplinary Hearing Process

    Students that violate the code of conduct should be aware of how the Drexel operates a disciplinary hearing. First, the allegations of misconduct will be investigated by the university. If Drexel believes the breach of the conduct code is credible, they will schedule a conference with the student.

    During the pre-hearing conference, a student must communicate whether they believe the allegations against them are valid. Depending on the student’s reply, Drexel may continue with an administrative hearing, a collaborative resolution, or a university hearing. To ensure that you adequately defend yourself from allegations, you should consider speaking with an experienced attorney to discuss your hearing.

    Our Experienced Drexel Disciplinary Hearing Lawyer is Here for You

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