Defending University Students with Criminal Charges

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Are you a college student who has been arrested for a crime in Philadelphia? If so, Lloyd Long may be able to help. When a university student is charged with a crime in Pennsylvania, it is important to not only protect the student’s rights in court but also respect the school’s disciplinary process.

Our Philadelphia university student criminal defense attorneys are dedicated to helping college students maintain clean criminal records while seeking to protect their futures from the consequences of a criminal conviction.

Our Philadelphia criminal defense attorneys defend university students who have been charged with:

  • Sex crimes
  • DUI
  • Drug crimes
  • Underage drinking
  • Violent crimes
  • Credit card fraud

If convicted of a crime, a university student may not only face jail time and fines, but he or she may be suspended or expelled from school and even struggle to find a job, housing, and more. Whether a college student has been charged with a summary offense, misdemeanor, or a felony, you can trust our firm to provide effective solutions in order to find the best possible result.

Our Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorneys Are On Your Side

Don’t let a criminal charge ruin your college experience. When your future and your reputation are at stake, you can count on our firm to provide effective and aggressive legal representation, no matter what the criminal charge. If you are a college student charged with a crime, your rights and your future are important to us. We have handled more than 20,000 cases and have earned distinctive honors in the legal community.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Philadelphia criminal defense attorney, Lloyd Long today at (215) 302-0171 to schedule a case consultation as soon as possible.


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