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Philadelphia Sexual Harassment Lawyer
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    Philadelphia Sexual Harassment Lawyer

    Sexual harassment is an offense that can encompass several types of illegal actions. Many sexual harassment cases arise out of scenarios in the workplace between two or more employees. This offense can carry not only civil penalties but criminal penalties as well. For example, you could lose your job or be charged with a crime for committing sexual harassment against a coworker. If you or a family member was arrested for sexual harassment, you should contact an experienced Philadelphia sexual harassment lawyer today.

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    Types of Sexual Harassment

    Sexual harassment can be defined as sexually-related actions or comments that are not welcomed. For example, if an employee consistently asks their coworker for sexual favors, this can be considered sexual harassment depending on the coworker’s disposition. Other examples of sexual harassment include:

    • Making a sexual favor a condition of a person’s employment
    • Using sexually-related actions as a requirement for employment decisions like a promotion or a raise
    • Sexual advances and other unwanted sexual requests that help create a hostile work environment and prevent a worker from being efficient

    There are multiple types of workplace sexual harassment that can lead to a person being arrested or losing their job.

    Physical Sexual Harassment

    Many sexual harassment cases begin because a worker continuously made physical contact with another employee. For example, if you rub against a person in a hallway every time you see them, even after they asked you to refrain from this action, this is sexual harassment. Other types of physical sexual harassment include:

    • Pinching, slapping, or massaging another person without consent
    • Groping another person’s body without consent
    • Touching an intimate area of another person’s body without consent

    Extreme cases of sexual harassment can be escalated to rape, molestation, and sexual assault. If a person is injured during the commission or attempt of these actions, the penalties for the defendant’s offense will be increased if they are convicted.

    Verbal Sexual Harassment

    Verbal sexual assault can include a wide range of actions. For example, making consistent remarks about another person’s body is a form of verbal sexual harassment, especially if it concerns an intimate area of that person’s body. Other forms of verbal sexual assault include:

    • Making unwanted remarks or jokes about a person’ sexual orientation
    • Inquiring into a person’s sexual experiences or their sexual prowess
    • Sexual stereotypes based upon a person’s race or other factors
    • Repeated requests to have sexual intercourse with another person

    It is also possible to commit non-verbal actions that can be determined as sexual harassment. For example, staring at an intimate area of a person’s body can be interpreted as harassment under certain circumstances.

    Visual Sexual Harassment

    Visual sexual harassment refers to graphic content that a person may use to make other workers feel uncomfortable or unwanted. For example, placing a pornographic picture in your work area for other employees to see can be considered sexual harassment. This material can also be illegal if it is used to make a person feel excluded from the workplace.

    Sexual Favoritism

    As mentioned, sexual favoritism can be used to keep an employee from advancing in their career. If you pin the possibility of advancement on a worker’s willingness to provide you with a sexual favor, this is sexual harassment.

    Sexual harassment laws in Pennsylvania are becoming more comprehensive as lawmakers begin to crack down on incidences of sexual harassment. This means that a person that is accused of sexual harassment can be faced with serious criminal and civil repercussions. The Law Offices of Lloyd Long understand the gravity of sexual harassment cases and can guide you through the criminal process if you are accused of committing sexual harassment.

    Our Philadelphia Sexual Harassment Attorney Can Help You Defend Your Case

    If you or a family member is at risk of losing employment due to a sexual harassment claim, you should contact an experienced Philadelphia sexual harassment attorney today. Sexual harassment defense attorney Lloyd Long has years of criminal law experience that he would be proud to use to represent you. The legal team at the Law Offices of Lloyd Long are ready to help you devise a legal defense to your sexual harassment case. To schedule a free legal consultation, call us at (215) 302-0171.