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Relentless Philadelphia Trial Attorneys

The firm is a boutique litigation and trial practice that focuses on state and federal criminal defense, civil rights, personal injury, free speech and defamation defense. Krasner & Long’s attorneys pride themselves on representing clients facing high-stakes criminal charges and investigations, who have had their rights trampled by the authorities, and free speakers that the powerful seek to silence. The firm has focused on trial practice for over 22 years. Its attorneys include former members of the Philadelphia public defender office, both state and federal, and a former Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney. The firm’s attorneys have appeared before state and federal trial courts, appeals courts, and supreme courts. This experience allows the firm to pinpoint the best strategies for each client.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

The ability of the attorneys within our firm to operate in both the criminal and civil arenas positions us to handle complex cases involving voluminous materials and highly-technical subject matter.

Criminal Defense

We have years of experience navigating difficult and complex criminal situations, including relations with witnesses, the government, and issues of publicity and public disclosures.


Few criminal charges are as serious as homicide, but our attorneys are prepared to handle even the most challenging allegations. We work on cases involving murder, manslaughter, vehicular homicide, negligent homicide, homicide by assault, and more.

Civil Rights

Police misconduct has plagued the Philadelphia Police Department for decades. Officers have committed crimes ranging from providing false information, to use of excessive force, to first-degree murder.

White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes involve theft and other forms of financial misconduct. Our defense lawyers represent clients charged with embezzlement, identity fraud, and other matters, including federal felony conspiracy charges.

Drug Offenses

Our attorneys handle narcotics charges involving marijuana, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, LSD, ecstasy, prescription drugs, and more, including sales, possession, trafficking, and intent to distribute.

Fraud and Theft

The firm of Krasner & Long represents defendants charged with many forms of theft, including identity theft, cyber theft and related crimes, white collar fraud and embezzlement.

DUI Charges

A DUI conviction can take away your driving privileges and even cost you your job. Our attorneys handle drugged and drunk driving charges including high BAC, repeat offenses, and DUI with injury or property damage.

Sexual Offenses

Being accused of committing a sex crime can have devastating effects on your personal and professional reputation. We defend clients charged with rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, internet crimes, and other offenses.

Meet Our Lawyers

Despite the substantial courtroom experience that Krasner & Long’s attorneys enjoy, the lawyers recognize that for many of their clients these cases will be among a handful of times that they interact with the court system. Whether you are facing homicide prosecution, federal investigation, you were falsely arrested, you were injured, or received a citation for underage drinking, the firm’s attorneys realize that for their clients all of these cases are among the most significant moments of their life. When you have so much depending on the outcome, it is important that you choose attorneys who can vigorously represent your interests.

Nationally Recognized Civil Rights Lawyers

Krasner & Long are well versed in cases involving civil rights claims, especially when they are related to Police Misconduct. Recently, five Philadelphia police officers and one Lieutenant were transferred after Lawrence Krasner brought information to light that suggesting that the officers were collaborating with drug dealers within Philadelphia. Mr. Krasner also brought forth information pointing to additional claims of police brutality, fabricated evidence, and even theft. Upon receiving this information, the District Attorney of Philadelphia has decided that the testimonies of these officers are not reliable, and as a result several cases are being dismissed. Cases of Misconduct such as these reaffirm the public’s need to regulate law enforcement.

Our results will speak for themselves

A misdemeanor or felony conviction can lead to devastating fines, years in prison, license suspensions, miscellaneous penalties, and the creation of a criminal record that will burden you forever. When you’re facing criminal charges, your entire future is at stake: you can’t afford to face the prosecution alone. The experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorneys of Krasner & Long are here to help.