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Pennsylvania and federal laws make it a crime to use or possess controlled substances, including crack cocaine (“crack”), heroin, LSD (“acid”), MDMA (“ecstasy”), marijuana (“weed,” “pot”), methamphetamine, PCP (“angel dust”), and powder cocaine (“coke”). It is also illegal to use or possess prescription drugs without a valid prescription from your doctor, including medications like Adderall, Ambien, fentanyl, OxyContin, methadone, morphine, Valium, Vicodin, and Xanax. If you, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or a family member was arrested and charged with possession of narcotics or prescription drugs, you urgently need to get legal help from an experienced Philadelphia drug possession attorney.

Philadelphia Drug Possession Defense Attorneys Can Help

Drug possession charges can change your life forever. A conviction related to the possession of controlled substances could lead to years in prison, tens of thousands of dollars in fines, the mandatory suspension of your driver’s license, and other penalties, such as probation or mandatory community service.

In addition, you risk sustaining serious damage to your career and professional reputation. Depending on the nature of the drug charge, and the nature of your work, you could even lose your job. This risk is especially great for people who work with children, such as teachers and daycare employees, as well as people who operate commercial vehicles, such as truckers, pilots, bus drivers, and taxi drivers.

The consequences of a drug conviction are serious, even for a first-offense misdemeanor drug charge. You need to take steps to defend yourself by hiring an aggressive law firm with a record of obtaining results.

The Law Office of Lloyd Long has repeatedly obtained case dismissals, sentence reductions, and acquittals in misdemeanor and felony drug possession cases, because we understand the tactics prosecutors use and how to counter them effectively. As a former prosecutor, founding attorney Lloyd Long is always one step ahead of the government’s case against you, honing in on weak points such as police misconduct, mishandling of evidence, lack of probable cause, and other critical details.

When you hire Lloyd Long to be your criminal defense lawyer for drug possession charges in Philadelphia, you can expect personal attention to your case, and a defense strategy that is driven by years of experience fighting cases in Philadelphia’s courts. Call today at (215) 302-0171 for a free legal consultation.

Drug Possession Charges Our Law Firm Handles

At The Law Office of Lloyd Long, we defend clients charged with a wide array of misdemeanor drug offenses and felony drug offenses involving the unlawful possession of street drugs, prescription medications, forged prescription slips, and drug paraphernalia. If you or someone you love has been arrested for possessing controlled substances in Philadelphia, our criminal defense law firm can protect your rights, answer your questions, and work to resolve your case favorably.

As a Philadelphia criminal attorney, Lloyd Long represents both adult defendants and juvenile defendants who have been charged with drug crimes including:

  • Actual Possession of Controlled Substances
  • Ambien Possession Charges
  • Cocaine Possession Charges
  • Constructive Possession of Controlled Substances
  • Crack Possession Charges
  • Fentanyl Possession Charges
  • GHB Possession Charges
  • Hashish Possession Charges
  • Heroin Possession Charges
  • Ketamine Possession Charges
  • LSD Possession Charges
  • Marijuana Possession Charges
  • MDMA Possession Charges
  • OxyContin Possession Charges
  • PCP Possession Charges
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (Bongs, Pipes, Baggies)
  • Possession of Schedule V Controlled Substances
  • Possession of Schedule IV Controlled Substances
  • Possession of Schedule III Controlled Substances
  • Possession of Schedule II Controlled Substances
  • Possession of Schedule I Controlled Substances
  • Possession with Intent to Distribute/Deliver (PWID)
  • Psilocybin Mushrooms Possession Charges
  • Simple Possession of Controlled Substances
  • Steroid Possession Charges
  • Valium Possession Charges
  • Vicodin Possession Charges
  • Xanax Possession Charges

PA Penalties for PWID and Simple Possession of Controlled Substances

The penalties for drug possession in Pennsylvania can vary widely, depending on factors such as:

  • The type and quantity of the drug involved. For example, there can be very different penalties for the possession of four grams versus 40 grams versus 400 grams.
  • Whether the conviction is for misdemeanor drug possession or felony drug possession.
  • Whether the offense involved weapons, stolen vehicles, or other contraband.
  • Whether the offense was committed in front of children, or while you were responsible for providing childcare as a parent, legal guardian, babysitter, teacher, coach, counselor, school bus driver, or daycare operator/employee.
  • Whether you have a record of prior drug offenses.
  • Whether you were operating a vehicle while under the influence of prescription drugs or street drugs that were in your possession.

Depending on how the alleged offense is “graded” (categorized as a felony or misdemeanor), you may be facing penalties that include:

  • Third Degree Misdemeanor Drug Possession
    • Fine – Up to $5,000
    • Sentence – Up to 1 year in jail
  • Second Degree Misdemeanor Drug Possession
    • Fine – Up to $5,000
    • Sentence – Maximum of 2 years in prison
  • First Degree Misdemeanor Drug Possession
    • Fine – Up to $10,000
    • Sentence – Maximum of 5 years in prison
  • Third Degree Felony Drug Possession
    • Fine – Up to $15,000
    • Sentence – Maximum of 7 years in prison
  • Second Degree Felony Drug Possession
    • Fine – Up to $25,000
    • Sentence – Maximum of 10 years in prison

In some cases, there can be enhanced penalties. For example, the fine for PWID involving heroin can be as great as $250,000: 10 times the maximum fine that is typically imposed for a felony.

Under the Pennsylvania drug laws, which are combined into the Controlled Substances, Drugs, Device, and Cosmetic Act, examples of misdemeanor drug possession charges include:

  • First-Offense Simple Possession
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • Possession of Small Amount of Marijuana for Personal Use (Under 30 Grams)
  • Second- or Subsequent-Offense Simple Possession

Examples of felony drug possession charges include:

  • First-Offense Simple Possession of GHB
  • Possession with Intent to Deliver Marijuana (PWID Marijuana)
  • Possession with Intent to Deliver Cocaine (PWID Cocaine)
  • Possession with Intent to Deliver Heroin (PWID Heroin)
  • Possession with Intent to Deliver MDMA (PWID MDMA)
  • Possession with Intent to Deliver Methamphetamine (PWID Methamphetamine)
  • Possession with Intent to Deliver Other Narcotics (Schedule I, Schedule II)
  • Possession with Intent to Deliver PCP (PWID PCP)
  • Second- or Subsequent-Offense Simple Possession of GHB

If You Were Arrested for Drug Possession, Call Our Lawyers Today for a Free Case Review

Between Pennsylvania’s strict drug laws and the federal Controlled Substances Act, there can be extremely serious penalties for the possession of controlled substances, including drug paraphernalia and any equipment that is used to package or produce controlled substances. Whether your case is tried in federal court or the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, defense attorney Lloyd Long has the skill and experience to provide aggressive, effective representation. Whether the optimal strategy is to fight the charge head-on, or to negotiate a deal that allows you to enter a diversionary program like ARD, he will work to uphold your constitutional rights and protect your best interests.

The Law Office of Lloyd Long represents defendants throughout Philadelphia, including Allegheny West, Bella Vista, Bridesburg, Chinatown, Cobbs Creek, East Falls, Fairhill, Fairmount, Fern Rock, Fishtown, Frankford, Germantown, Grays Ferry, Hunting Park, Juniata Park, Kensington, Kingsessing, Manayunk, Mantua, North Philadelphia, Northern Liberties, Old City, Olney, Parkland, Parkside, Pennsport, Point Breeze, Port Richmond, Powelton Village, Rittenhouse Square, South Philadelphia, Strawberry Mansion, University City, West Philadelphia, and other neighborhoods. We are located in Center City, easily accessible via SEPTA public transportation.

There isn’t a moment to waste if you or a family member is under investigation for narcotics possession, PWID, or related criminal charges in Philadelphia. To schedule a free legal consultation, contact us today.


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