Methamphetamine Offenses in PA

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Methamphetamines are a growing problem in Pennsylvania, and the result has been a wave of new legislation and tougher penalties. Being charged with the possession of methamphetamines is very serious, which is why you need the best Philadelphia drug defense attorneys on your side.

Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer Lloyd Long have been defending clients facing serious drug charges for over 30 years. We have vast experience handling the most serious drug-related crimes such as methamphetamine trafficking and manufacture. We have had great success defending meth charges in both state and federal court and have the ability to move quickly to secure our client’s defense and ensure that all options are available to them.

When clients come to us because they are not comfortable with their current counsel, or need a fresh perspective, we have successfully turned around cases that seemed doomed to result in a lengthy prison term. We have obtained not-guilty verdicts in several high-profile Philadelphia area drug cases and have negotiated drastic sentence reductions where appropriate.

Through our experiences, we have gained an in-depth knowledge of the investigative techniques employed by, and electronic surveillance capabilities of, the various police agencies prosecuting drug crimes.

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Factors Behind Methamphetamine Offenses in the Philadelphia Area

When facing meth charges, it is important for the accused to understand the difference between possession of meth and possession with the intent to deliver meth. Meth possession in Pennsylvania is a misdemeanor and, if the defendant is not properly represented, can result in jail time and lengthy periods of probation and drug testing.

Possession with the intent to deliver meth is a felony in Pennsylvania and can result in mandatory prison terms and significant fines depending on the amount or weight of the meth and other circumstances surrounding the arrest.

Penalties for Methamphetamine Possession in Philadelphia

Persons charged with possession with the intent to deliver methamphetamines in Pennsylvania can quickly find themselves behind bars and labeled as a felon for life. There are many factors at play in any given arrest, and if recognized and timely exploited can mean the difference between freedom or incarceration and ruin. The Philadelphia drug defense lawyers at the law offices of Lloyd Long have an unmatched level of experience handling serious meth charges in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties.

Methamphetamine Possession Defense in Philadelphia

There are multiple defenses to charges involving possession of methamphetamines, such as the prosecution presenting insufficient evidence that the defendant knew the methamphetamines were present, or that the defendant had no intent to exercise control over them

If you have been charged with a criminal offense involving methamphetamines, you need to contact the attorney Lloyd Long as soon as possible. One of these defenses may be available to you, but without a case consultation, we will not be able to help you fight your charges.

Lloyd Long, Attorney You Can Trust

If someone you love was arrested in Philadelphia for the manufacture, sale, or possession of methamphetamines, the criminal defense lawyers of Law Office of Lloyd Long can help. We have years of experience defending clients against a wide range of misdemeanor and felony charges in Pennsylvania, including sex crimes, drug crimes, and federal crimes. We will protect your legal rights while vigorously fighting the charges on your behalf. We are here to not only protect you, but your family as well.

If your loved one was charged with this serious crime, you need attorneys on your side that you can trust. We fight rigorously for each and every client, no matter the severity of your case.

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