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Meth manufacturing is a serious drug offense in Pennsylvania and in federal court. Pennsylvania is a state whose rural areas have seen a resurgence of meth addiction, and Pennsylvania state legislators have cracked down as a result. Today the full range of meth manufacturing products, or precursors, may land you in legal trouble.

Fighting back against these severe penalties is essential if you want to escape the kind of permanent and life-altering sentences that could take you away from your family for years. The Philadelphia criminal defense lawyers at Krasner & Long have been defending clients against meth charges for over 30 years.

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Defining Meth Manufacturing

Meth manufacturing is broadly defined in Pennsylvania and includes the criminalization of pseudoephedrine with intent to manufacture methamphetamine or any of its related forms. Authorities now monitor the ingredients of methamphetamine, and not just the drug itself. Penalties for possession of precursor chemicals can be harsh and can involve lengthy prison sentences.

Persons charged with meth manufacturing in Pennsylvania can quickly find themselves behind bars and labeled as a felon for life. There are many factors at play in any given arrest, and if recognized and timely exploited can mean the difference between freedom or incarceration.

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The Philadelphia criminal defense lawyers at Krasner & Long have an unmatched level of experience and success handling serious meth charges in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. We have excelled in this high-stakes area of law that demands aggressive lawyering and a willingness to fight.

If you have been charged with this crime and want to escape some of the nation’s harshest sentencing guidelines, call Krasner & Long today for a confidential case evaluation.


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