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Fraud is a very broad category covering many different crimes in both federal and state court. In basic terms, fraud means that you have engaged in some deception for the purposes of stealing money, property, or otherwise benefiting from the deception.

While it is a broad area that generally means some type of theft, there are some specific crimes that involve fraud. In Pennsylvania, for instance, there is an entire section of the Crimes Code, in Chapter 41, called Forgery and Fraudulent Practices.

Types of Fraud Charges in Philadelphia

In federal court there are general prohibitions against fraud and false statements in Philadelphia. Usually you will see the federal laws being applied when the fraud involves some item or thing that is involved in commercial activity between different states, for instance, stocks and bonds. You are also more likely to see a federal prosecution when the amount lost in the fraud is high.

As discussed in the section on white collar crimes, the sentences for these federal crimes are often driven by the amount of money or property lost in the fraud – higher value means more potential prison time if convicted.

While it is a broad area that generally means some type of theft, there are some specific crimes that involve fraud, including:

  • Forgery
  • Simulating objects of antiquity, rarity, etc.
  • Fraudulent destruction
  • Removal or concealment of recordable instruments
  • Tampering with records or identification
  • Bad checks
  • Access device fraud
  • Unlawful device-making equipment
  • Deceptive or fraudulent business practices
  • Deception relating to kosher food products
  • Deception relating to certification of minority business enterprise or women’s business enterprise

As you can see, the crimes in this section have common elements – deception, concealment and dishonesty.

Should You Hire an Attorney for Fraud in Philadelphia?

Crimes involving dishonesty are extremely serious. Not only do they carry significant penalties, but they also tend to cause the greatest collateral damage. No employer likes to have employees that they believe will lie, cheat and steal. An individual convicted of such a crime may find it hard to become professionally licensed in fields such as law with a fraud conviction.

Fraud crimes may also carry potential immigration consequences if the defendant is not a United States citizen. Given the high stakes when facing fraud charges, you should carefully evaluate your options before choosing an attorney. Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer, Lloyd Long has represented countless individuals in fraud cases totaling millions of dollars in theft.

The attorneys at the Law Office of Lloyd Long have defended clients in a wide range of fraud cases, including:

  • Corporate fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Medicare fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Welfare fraud

Are You Required to Answer Police Questioning About Fraud in Philadelphia?

Call and hire a lawyer immediately. You should not speak to the police under any circumstances unless you have first consulted with an attorney and you both have decided that is the best option for you. You can talk your way right into a jail cell otherwise.

You have an absolute right to refuse to speak to the police and your refusal cannot be used against you in court. Sometimes, your lawyer can arrange for you to speak to law enforcement in a safe setting known as a proffer session.

Contact Our Philadelphia Fraud Defense Lawyers Today

Lloyd Long has defended these clients at jury trials, trials before judges, negotiated favorable pleas, and had charges dismissed. Recently, we were able to secure a significantly reduced sentence for a client charged with over $1 million in Medicare fraud who faced over a decade in prison but received a sentence that will be less than 5 years. For a client who was accused of significant corporate fraud, we successfully argued for a reduction in the sentencing guidelines and convinced the judge to give a very favorable sentence.

We have found technical flaws in the government’s evidence in fraud cases and successfully argued for that evidence’s suppression. We have challenged the sufficiency of their evidence, and in an insurance fraud case involving an alleged phony auto accident, had charges dismissed by the Judge. In another insurance fraud case in Montgomery County, we were able to convince the DA to allow our client to participate in the ARD program (link here), avoiding any conviction and the stigma that goes along with it.

In complex criminal cases involving allegations like fraud, a lawyer can often have his or her biggest impact. The sentencing guidelines are rarely straightforward, and often this area provides an opportunity for a smart, aggressive lawyer to make a creative and technical argument that greatly helps his or her client. Our lawyers have demonstrated their ability to find these angles and fight for the best possible results for our clients.

If you are being contacted by the police regarding an alleged fraud, you should not hesitate to call a Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer immediately. With so much riding on fraud cases, hiring the right lawyer is your most important decision. Our lawyers are up to the challenge and we encourage you to give us a call to talk it about.

Arrange for a free consultation with our attorneys at (215) 302-0171, during which we can inform you of the full extent of your rights and options.


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