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What is the difference between possession andpossession with the intent to deliver cocaine in Pennsylvania? Although the facts surrounding an arrest will affect the charge, often the distinction between the two charges comes down to the weight of thecocaine and the manner in which it is packaged when discovered.

Smaller amounts often indicate possession for personal use, while larger quantities or separately packaged controlled substances are often used as evidence of the intent to distribute the drugs. There are also several other factors a person charged with possession of cocaine should consider which may effect his case, such as the defendant’s prior record, if any, whether or not the defendant is a parent or guardian of a minor, or if the defendant’s job will be effected by the charge.

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The experienced Philadelphia criminal defense lawyers at Krasner & Long can save you from the embarrassing and potentially devastating consequences that a charge of possession of cocaine can carry in Pennsylvania. Our skilled trial attorneys are unmatched in their ability to find weaknesses in the government’s case based on lack of evidence, illegal police procedure, or mishandling of evidence.

In addition to fighting cases head-on, we will work to get our clients into diversionary programs such as ARD when it is available and in the client’s best interest. As a natural result of the many years of experience we have in handling cocaine possession cases in Philadelphia we can advise our clients when it is best to fight a charge or when negotiating a deal may be the best choice.

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