Cocaine Charges in Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Drug Crime Defense Attorneys

The Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer Lloyd Long has been defending clients facing complex felony drug charges for over 30 years. We have extensive experience handling even the most serious drug-related crimes, including multi-kilo cocaine trafficking and cocaine base manufacture. We have had great success defending cocaine charges in both state and federal court, and have the ability to move quickly to secure our client’s defense and ensure that all legal options are available to them.

When clients come to us because they are not comfortable with their current counsel, or need a fresh perspective, we have successfully turned around cases that seemed doomed to result in a lengthy prison term. Our skilled attorneys have obtained not-guilty verdicts in several high-profile Philadelphia area drug cases, and have negotiated drastic sentence reductions where appropriate. Through our experiences, we have gained an in-depth knowledge of the investigative techniques and electronic surveillance capabilities of the various police agencies prosecuting drug crime.

To schedule a completely confidential legal consultation with our cocaine defense attorneys, call our law offices at (215) 302-0171 any time of day or evening. You can be certain the prosecution is already building a case against you – don’t wait to start building a defense.

Cocaine Possession & Distribution Defense Attorneys

When facing cocaine charges, it is important for the defendant to understand the difference between possession for personal use, which is called simple possession, and possession with the intent to deliver, which is sometimes abbreviated to PWID. Possession charges can further be categorized as “actual possession,” which means the defendant allegedly had cocaine on his or her person, and “constructive possession,” which means the defendant allegedly had control over cocaine inside a house, vehicle, or other accessible location. Different penalties for these crimes may apply depending on the circumstances of the case.

Criminal Penalties for Drug Paraphernalia in Philadelphia

Even if a defendant is not in possession of cocaine itself, he or she may still be charged with the possession of cocaine paraphernalia, the definition of which is extremely broad under the Controlled Substances, Drugs, Device and Cosmetic Act.

Paraphernalia is defined to include “all equipment, products and materials of any kind which are used, intended for use or designed for use” in:

  • Cultivation
  • Manufacture
  • Planting
  • Preparation
  • Processing
  • Production
  • Storage/Containment
  • Testing/Analysis

An item can also be branded as drug paraphernalia if it is capable of “introducing into the human body a controlled substance.” Some specific examples of cocaine paraphernalia include vials and miniature spoons. The courts consider numerous factors when determining whether an object is paraphernalia, including but not limited to statements by the alleged owner, whether the alleged owner has prior drug convictions, and whether the alleged paraphernalia has any cocaine residue on it already.

Pennsylvania takes a tough stance on drug crimes. In particular, persons charged with possession with the intent to deliver cocaine in Pennsylvania can quickly find themselves behind bars and labeled as a felon for life if convicted. There are many factors at play in any given case, and if recognized and timely exploited by a seasoned attorney, can mean the difference between freedom and incarceration.

The Philadelphia drug defense lawyers at the Law Office of Lloyd Long have decades of experience handling serious cocaine charges in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. We have excelled in this high-stakes area of law that demands aggressive lawyering and a willingness to fight.

To start exploring your legal options in a case evaluation, call criminal defense attorney Lloyd Long at (215) 302-0171 today.


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