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There are federal and state laws prohibiting burglary. Typically for you to be federally prosecuted for burglary, you would need to break and enter into a federal building. Common examples would include the post office, federal courts, and other federal government buildings.

These laws could also potentially apply to criminally entering structures within national parks. Finally, you could also be charged with burglary of a residence in federal court if that burglary occurs on federal land, such as an Indian Reservation.

When it is charged, it is a very serious crime and can carry guidelines, or recommended sentences, of two or three years in prison even for first time offenders and range up into the decades in prison if you have a more significant criminal history and the amount of the theft or damage is significant.

Our Philadelphia Burglary Lawyers Have a History of Success

We have successfully defended clients who were accused of breaking into a prominent Philadelphian’s home, and achieved a dismissal of all charges for the client by aggressive negotiation.

In addition, we have worked with those who had no prior criminal record but were accused of attempting to break into a home while the resident watched from the inside.

Our Philadelphia theft crimes defense attorneys have achieved an ARD disposition by persuading the DA that their case was weak. We have also significantly reduced sentences for clients facing many years in prison by negotiating favorably, fighting the admission of certain evidence which lead to better plea offers, and presenting a compelling mitigation argument at sentencing to the judge which included a long history of mental health difficulties and drug abuse.

We have secured lower sentences than the mandatory guidelines suggested on many occasions for clients. Often, our clients are facing 5-10 years in prison and we are able to secure sentences significantly below five years through a combination of the strategies described above.

Philadelphia Burglary Charges and Fingerprints

Fingerprint evidence is based on the idea that each individual person has a unique fingerprint that they share with no one else in the world. Therefore, fingerprint evidence can often be used with a reasonable degree of scientific certainty to prove that a particular individual touched a tested surface, so long as a print is left on the surface and the testing to done appropriately. However, there have been numerous instances of misuse of this scientific evidence, and it has also been used to exonerate individuals suspected of crimes.

At the law offices of Lloyd Long, our attorneys believe that you should not simply accept fingerprint evidence at face value. We have a long history of challenging fingerprint evidence and our lawyers have developed a unique expertise in understanding the science, or lack of science, behind fingerprint evidence and presenting it in a way that judges and juries can understand.

We excel at analyzing this complex evidence, discovering any potential weaknesses, and using them to our clients’ advantage.

What Is the Mandatory Minimum Sentence for Burglary in Philadelphia?

In state court, there can be. One of the more common is if the burglary is a “second strike” or a “third strike.” Strike offenses are previous violence crime convictions, usually armed robbery or aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Burglary can count as a strike offense if it is committed in a home when people are present when the burglary occurs.

In that situation, if convicted, a defendant could face a mandatory ten-year term of imprisonment for a second strike conviction and a minimum twenty-five years to life sentence for a third strike conviction. As you can see, based on the high level of seriousness of these charges, having a lawyer that can help you navigate these difficult charges and defend against them in the best possible way is essential.

Our Philadelphia Burglary Defense Attorneys Can Help

We have secured many successful results in burglary cases. Our Philadelphia theft defense lawyers understand that our clients often face many years in prison and the destruction of their reputation as a result of these charges. When you are faced with such stark consequences, this can be a high stakes, high stress situation. Just know that we are here to make sure you do not face this situation alone and that you face it with as much strength as you possibly can.

If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with burglary or a burglary-related offense, experienced Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer Lloyd Long can help. Call (215) 302-0171 today for a free consultation.


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