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Can You Be Charged Later if Philadelphia Police Let You Go?

Being arrested is rarely a good experience. People are usually relieved if they are let go without being charged. While you might be in the clear for now, criminal charges could be on the horizon.

If you are arrested in Philadelphia, you might or might not be criminally charged. Sometimes, there is enough evidence to arrest a suspect but not enough for charges to stick, so they are let go. However, they might still be charged later if the police can uncover additional evidence. This is a real possibility for many suspects, as criminal investigations usually continue even after suspects are released from police custody. If you are arrested and then let go, you should call a lawyer immediately if you have not done so already. Charges might be in the near future, and your attorney can help you prepare for what is to come. You might be charged a few days, weeks, or even months after being initially let go.

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Will the Philadelphia Police Charge Me After an Arrest?

Contrary to popular belief, suspects are not always criminally charged after being arrested. In many cases, suspects are let go because there is not enough evidence to warrant criminal charges. The fact that the police had enough probable cause to get an arrest warrant does not mean they have enough evidence to charge.

If you are taken into police custody for an alleged crime, it is imperative that you refrain from answering questions until you have a lawyer present. The police are required to inform you of your Miranda rights before they initiate custodial interrogation. These rights include your right to remain silent and to have a lawyer present during questioning.

Often, the police rely on custodial interrogation to get enough evidence to press charges. Law enforcement officials are required to warn suspects as part of their Miranda rights that anything they say can and will be used against them in a court of law. They certainly mean it. Often, criminal charges are at least partly based on a suspect’s answers to incriminating questions asked during custodial interrogation. Keeping quiet and getting a lawyer is almost always in your best interest.

Charges are ultimately up to prosecutors, not the police. Even if the police are convinced that they have enough evidence to charge you, a prosecutor is the one who must make that call.

Can I Still Be Criminally Charged if the Police in Philadelphia Release Me?

Even if you are released from custody without any charges, you might still be charged later. As such, everything you do after being released from police custody may be heavily scrutinized by law enforcement. You might be released from custody, but a criminal investigation might still be ongoing.

If the police turn up more evidence, they might rearrest you. With more evidence against you, the prosecutor might be more inclined to press charges. The police are probably hesitant to make a second arrest unless they are sure that there is enough evidence for prosecutors to press criminal charges. As such, if you are arrested for a second time, call your Delaware County criminal defense lawyer immediately.

What to Do if the Philadelphia Police Let You Go After an Arrest

If you were recently arrested by the Philadelphia police and let go without any charges, you should contact an attorney immediately if you have not done so already. Do not assume that you are no longer a suspect or that the police will not arrest you again. There is a good chance that the police are still investigating the alleged crime, and you might still be considered a person of interest in the case.

Your attorney can help you prepare for numerous potential legal scenarios. For example, your attorney can help you prepare for the next time you are arrested and possible criminal charges. Your attorney might also have a good idea of what kind of charges might be assessed, and they can begin working on your defense. You might also have other options your attorney can assist with. If the police are more interested in another suspect, your attorney might help you work out a deal so that you cooperate with law enforcement in exchange for immunity from charges.

How Long After the Philadelphia Police Let Me Go Could I Be Arrested Again and Charged?

There is no telling how long after you are released from police custody that you might be rearrested and criminally charged. In some cases, suspects are rearrested and charged very quickly, perhaps mere days after being released. In other cases, the police might not take you into custody again for weeks or months, depending on how long the criminal investigation lasts.

It is also possible that the police released you from custody without charges because they have determined you are no longer a suspect or person of interest in the investigation. While this is certainly an ideal situation, you should not make any assumptions. It would be wise to still speak to a Montgomery County criminal defense attorney about the situation. Your lawyer may reach out to law enforcement and ask about the investigation.

Even if you believe you are in the clear, you should get advice from an attorney about how to handle the situation moving forward. It is possible the police might change their minds, and you might once again become a suspect in the alleged crime. As such, you should know how to conduct yourself in a way that protects you from the suspicions of the authorities.

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