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  • Get Your Hands Off my Data! Judge Leon says NSA Actions Likely Unconstitutional.

    Big story. Most of you probably know this by now. A Federal Judge for the U.S. District Court in the District of Columbia granted a preliminary injunction on behalf of the plaintiffs in the Klayman case . For the uninitiated, a preliminary injunction is an order from a judge that says the defendant must stop some offending action. In this case, the defendant happens to be the National Security ...
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  • MontCo Official Still Leading Charge on Marriage Equality

    You may remember that earlier this summer the Montgomery County Register of Wills, D. Bruce Hanes, began issuing marriage licenses for same-sex couples. He explained that he believed the oath of his office required it and to deny the marriage licenses was not only unfair, but also unconstitutional and illegal. He issued the licenses despite a state law that defines marriage as between one man and ...
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  • More Fear Mongering on the Subject of "The Knockout Game"

    Now Mayor Nutter has made an official statement — kids, do not assault people, or else we will arrest you. Like we would do any time you assault someone. Regardless of whether we give it a catchy new name. Based mostly on anecdotal evidence, law enforcement agencies and mayors throughout the country are issuing advisories about the so-called "Knockout Game." The idea behind the game is that kids ...
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  • Prison-Industrial Complex Getting Some National Attention

    Local celebrities including Black Thought (The Roots), Meek Mill, Patty Jackson and Bernard Hopkins, as well as national celebrities like Danny Glover are running a campaign called "Familiar Faces Against Mass Incarceration." Wow. Seriously, I never thought I'd see something like this. The campaign starts here over the weekend and the national campaign will roll out in December. You'll see ads in ...
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  • KHL in the News for Filing Suit in Defense of Free Speech

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  • Is Free Speech Dead?

    Erick Emmanuel Haubenstricker appeared for jury duty in Michigan earlier this week. He is a convicted felon and could not serve on the jury as a result. Rather than simply answer the questionnaire and have himself excluded like a compliant citizen, he decided to scrawl all over the jury questionnaire and include a series of expletives and protestations about the system in general. You can find his ...
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  • Talk is Cheap; Will the City Back It Up?

    What to do about re-entry of persons released from prison is a major problem. And regardless of how you feel about what people may have done in the past, the simple truth is that the vast majority of people who have committed crimes and go to jail will someday return to society. It is an issue we need to address, otherwise the cycle continues, we all know that. Mayor Nutter today announced that he ...
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  • Police Behaving Badly

    It feels like over the past two weeks we’ve been inundated with stories of police abuse and misconduct. Several news reports have put out wide ranging allegations of misconduct from across the country. In Florida, a woman was thrown into a bench in a holding cell and had bones broken. The police initially claimed she was resisting arrest but later withdrew the charges. In New York, two detectives ...
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  • Yes, the Police Should Have a Warrant to Search a Phone, But Will the Supreme Court Agree?

    Two different Circuit Courts, two different opinions on cell phone searches. Oftentimes when a "Circuit Split" arises, meaning two or more Circuit Courts come to opposing decisions on a legal issue, the Supreme Court steps in and tries to come up with one rule for the country as a whole. The search of a cell phone presents such an issue. It's the time of year when the Supreme Court decides ...
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  • Kentucky Denies Same-Sex Couple Marital Testimonial Privilege

    Same-sex marriage has gained some major traction in recent years. Some of the opponents have proposed civil unions as a way to "keep marriage separate and sacred." In evidence law, there's a doctrine that deals with testimonial privileges of spouses. There are two related doctrines, but the one at issue in Kentucky was the so-called spousal testimonial privilege. Many states have these rules as ...
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  • Don’t Take the Bait — New Policing Measure for Stopping Bike Theft is a Bad Idea

    The Philadelphia Police have stepped up efforts to try and stop high bike theft rates in the city. The Philadelphia Inquirer today reported the new tactics police are using to try and find suspected bike thieves, but the one that raises concern is the so-called "sting operation." These operations not only have the potential to ensnare innocent people, they are also ineffectual and potentially a ...
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  • Eric Holder and Trickle Down Criminal Justice

    Here's hoping the Attorney General's new policy toward mandatory minimums not only changes the landscape in federal court but also eventually state courts. If you are not already aware, on Monday the Attorney General for the United States, Eric Holder, announced a new policy in the federal prosecution of drug crimes. The Attorney General is basically the head prosecutor for the federal government. ...
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  • Lawrence Krasner Clears Confidante in Dr. Werther Drug Distribution Case

    It is a very rare occurrence that someone beats out the U.S. Government in federal court, but Troy Brinkley beat those odds this past Tuesday. Brinkely who was represented by Krasner , was charged as a dealer in a narcotics distribution case. This case was the largest indictment ever in the eastern district of Pennsylvania, which is the federal district for Philadelphia. Only two dealers out of ...
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  • Askia Sabur Summary Video

    In the wake of Askia Sabur‘s acquittal of all charges, the Law Firm of Krasner & Long has taken the opportunity to create a dynamic video summarizing the case. Check out the video below to learn more about Askia Sabur’s trial and the defense that he received from Attorney Larry Krasner.
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  • Askia Sabur & Krasner & Long, Score Victory Over Philadelphia Police Misconduct

    On Tuesday, February 19th, 2013, the trial of Askia Sabur , a Philadelphia resident accused of resisting arrest and assaulting an officer, finally came to a close, resulting in a non-guilty verdict. Both Sabur and his defense attorney cited this victory as a resounding statement from the citizens of Philadelphia that brutality and misconduct from Police Officers in Philadelphia would not be ...
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