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When you are a student at a prestigious institution like Drexel University, committing a crime like driving under the influence (DUI) can cause you an unexpected amount of issues. Not only will you have to contend with criminal charges, but you may be subject to disciplinary measures from the university’s school board. If you are a student at Drexel University, and you were arrested for driving under the influence, you should consult with an experienced Philadelphia DUI defense attorney.

The Law Office of Lloyd Long is here to help you pursue a desirable outcome to your DUI case and to help you through any school disciplinary proceedings. We understand that every person is prone to making poor choices, and we are here to fight for you. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal options, contact the Law Offices of Lloyd Long at (215) 302-0171, or contact us online.

When Can a Driver be Arrested for DUI?

A driver can be arrested for driving under the influence under a variety of circumstances. The most likely scenario is that a person is pulled over for driving erratically and is found to be over the legal blood alcohol content of .08%. However, this is not the only way that a person can be arrested for driving drunk.

Another possibility is that a defendant was arrested because they were found to have constructive control over a vehicle even though they were not operating the vehicle. For example, if you fall asleep in the driver seat of your car with your keys clutched in your hands, this could be enough to be arrested for driving under the influence. The issue is that you have the capability to drive drunk even if you did not start your vehicle.

It is important to note that a DUI offense is not limited to the overconsumption of alcohol. An individual can be arrested if they drive while being impaired by illegal drugs or prescription medicine.

Additionally, if a driver operates their vehicle unpredictably, but they are under the legal BAC limit, it is still possible to be arrested for DUI. Law enforcement can argue that the alcohol in your system affected your ability to drive substantially even though you were under the BAC limit.

To learn more about Pennsylvania DUI laws, you should continue reading and speak with an experienced Philadelphia driving under the influence lawyer.

Criminal Penalties for DUI

The criminal penalties for driving under the influence are directly correlated to a defendant’s BAC and their previous criminal history. The least severe criminal penalties are tied to cases where a defendant had a .08 to .099% BAC, while the most severe penalties come from having a .16% or higher BAC.

If a defendant is convicted of DUI for driving with a .08% BAC, and the defendant does not have any prior DUIs, they are subject to six months of probation and a $500 criminal fine. Additionally, a defendant may be ordered to complete alcohol highway safety school and to seek treatment for their alcoholism. If a defendant fails to satisfy these requirements, they could be subject to other criminal penalties.

If a defendant had 2 or more DUI offenses on their record and they were convicted for a third DUI, they can serve up to two years in prison and owe up to $5,000 in criminal fines. In addition, a defendant may be ordered to install an ignition interlock device on their vehicle. This device prevents a person from starting their car until they measure their BAC level to ensure they are sober.

The criminal penalties for driving with a high BAC like .16% will escalate much quicker even if a defendant does not have any prior DUI offenses. For example, if a defendant is convicted for driving with a .16% BAC and they had no prior DUIs, they can serve up to six months in jail. When a defendant is convicted under these same circumstances but with two prior DUIs on their record, they could serve up to five years in prison.

It is important to note that driving while under the influence of an illegal drug or other controlled substance is equivalent to driving with a .16% BAC.

For a college student, being arrested for DUI under any circumstances can seriously impact their academic career. The offense could go on the student’s disciplinary record and affect their chances for participating in school programs and other activities. The Law Office of Lloyd Long could help you prepare for a disciplinary proceeding if you were arrested for driving under the influence.

Contact an Experienced Philadelphia Criminal Defense Lawyer to Handle Your DUI Case

If you or a family member was arrested for driving drunk, contact an experienced Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer today. Criminal defense lawyer Lloyd Long has a great deal of experience litigating DUI cases, and he is prepared to use this knowledge to defend you. To schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your case, contact the Law Office of Lloyd Long at (215) 302-0171.


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