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Possession with the intent to deliver cocaine in Pennsylvania, also called PWID, is a very serious charge which often carries lengthy prison sentences if not properly dealt with by an experienced Philadelphia criminal defense attorney. The consequences of a conviction include costly fines, lengthy prison sentences, and the creation of a burdensome criminal record, which can present serious obstacles to finding employment, obtaining professional certifications, and getting approved for loans – even long after the fine has been paid and the sentence served.

While the potential penalties for a defendant convicted of PWID may vary, the bottom line is always the same: financial loss, deprivation of basic freedoms, and the difficult social stigma of being a convicted criminal offender. When the stakes are so high, it is absolutely critical to approach the charges with assistance from an aggressive and accomplished defense lawyer. At the Law Office of Lloyd Long, we bring more than 40 years of experience to every case we handle, and have obtained acquittals in several high-profile cases.

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Why Choose Lloyd Long as Your Drug Defense Attorney?

The Law Office of Lloyd Long is a nationally recognized criminal defense firm for those facing serious drug-related charges. We have represented clients from all over the world charged with felony cocaine-trafficking in both state and federal court, in Philadelphia and throughout the state.

When our services are required outside of Pennsylvania, we work with local counsel to bring our skill and knowledge anywhere it is needed. Through our decades of legal work defending persons accused of operating or participating in high-volume distribution or international drug trafficking, we have come to possess an in-depth knowledge of the investigative tactics and technological capabilities of the governmental agencies which police and prosecute cocaine trafficking and distribution in the Philadelphia area.

When you come to Lloyd Long for legal counsel, you can feel confident your case will be handled with meticulous attention to detail and a nuanced understanding of state and federal drug laws. Whether you are dissatisfied with your current counsel, are seeking a lawyer for the very first time, or are the spouse or parent of a defendant and have questions about the charges, Lloyd Long will be here to guide and assist you at every turn.

Penalties for PWID

State and federal prosecutors take an aggressive approach to alleged cocaine offenses, while both state and federal laws provide for harsh criminal penalties if a defendant is convicted or pleads guilty.

That being said, the exact penalties which may be imposed largely depend upon factors such as:

  • The proximity to any specially protected area, such as a school or playground.
  • The weight of the cocaine involved in the offense.
  • Whether or not a firearm was involved in the offense.

For instance, if the alleged PWID offense involves two grams of cocaine or less, the defendant may be subject to $5,000 in fines and up to one year in prison. If the amount of cocaine is between two and 10 grams, the sentence doubles to two years. These penalties can increase substantially if the offender has prior convictions, or committed the offense in a school zone.

In some cases, the criminal fine for PWID involving cocaine can be as great as $100,000. The prison sentence can also increase dramatically. In light of these variations, contact us today for a thorough review of your case by the experienced Philadelphia drug defense lawyer Lloyd Long to fully understand the consequences you may be facing.

If you or someone you love was arrested for selling cocaine in Philadelphia or the surrounding counties, we urge you to call our law offices as soon as possible to begin discussing your family’s legal options. We have experience representing both adult and juvenile clients charged with narcotics offenses.

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