For many college underclassmen, alcohol is a part of their lifestyle. You work hard during the week, attend as many extracurricular activities as you can, and let loose with your friends after your Thursday class ends. Although most people understand the heavy fines, jail time, and possible license suspension associated with a DUI conviction, many students are unaware of the lasting impact a DUI conviction can have on their college life. In this blog, our Philadelphia DUI lawyer discusses how a DUI conviction can affect your future.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

If you are currently enrolled in college when you are charged with DUI, you may be required to report your DUI to the school within a certain amount of days. Most colleges have policies regarding substance abuse and criminal convictions for enrolled students, these include, loss of privileges from activities, suspension or dismissal. If you are among the many students offered financial aid, scholarships or grants, you may be required to report your DUI conviction to the board responsible for distributing your funds. When students are charged with crimes such as DUI, their financial aid can be suspended for up to a year. If you were granted a scholarship, you could lose funding for your scholarship. There are scholarships available for students looking to restart their college career who have previously been convicted of crimes, talk to your college counselor regarding your future scholarship options.

Graduate School

Certain graduate programs and specialized schools such as nursing or medical schools have a stricter stance regarding admitting students with a criminal record. While it can be frustrating to be turned down by your top schools, it is important to keep applying as each admissions board considers applicants based on their individual merits. Each admission board will weigh your DUI differently. If your DUI occurred a few years ago and you have a clean record since then, they could decide to admit you anyway. Your best course of action after a DUI conviction is to be upfront about your criminal record with any prospective school, maintain a clean record and show you have made clear actions to better yourself like attending counseling or AA.

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