False Arrests & Wrongful Imprisonment

The concept of false arrest or unlawful arrest - which can also apply to individuals who are not police officers, and may overlap with the crime of kidnapping - means that an officer acted completely outside the scope of his or her legal authority by making an arrest which was not supported by probable cause or an appropriate search warrant.

In general terms, false arrest involves wrongfully holding a person in custody and restraining their normal freedoms against their will. The false arrest process, and/or the wrongful imprisonment which may follow, can result in serious physical injury, emotional trauma, and/or financial harm to the victim.

For example, the victim may be physically assaulted or subdued with excessive force as the arrest is being made, may be attacked by other inmates while wrongfully imprisoned, and/or may lose income or other earnings due to missing time from work. These financial losses can be further compounded by the medical care required to treat any injuries the victim sustains while being arrested or imprisoned.

False Imprisonment

In addition to constituting a civil rights violation, false imprisonment is also considered to a serious crime under Pennsylvania law. A person commits this offense when he or she "knowingly restrains another unlawfully so as to interfere substantially with his [or her] liberty."

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