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Our Philadelphia civil litigation lawyers each have a strong academic and analytical background making them well-suited for complex civil matters. They also possess an unusually strong courtroom background which means they do not fear fighting your case to the finish. This background also gives our lawyers a stronger bargaining position when dealing with an attorney that does not want to try their case. Many lawyers who practice in these areas will look for a quick way to end your case without a thorough analysis. Sometimes this means they leave money on the table. We take a different approach.

We always aim to put forth the maximum amount of effort in our cases to ensure the best possible result for our client. We know you have a lot riding on the case - when the police have ruined your life by a wrongful arrest, when you've been seriously injured and are unable to work, when you are being threatened with a lawsuit for simply speaking your mind, or when you seek to obtain what is owed to you when a relative dies. Often your reputation, and your livelihood, is at stake. With consequences like that, our attorneys know that you need lawyers who will stand by you and up for you.

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