Blog Posts in May, 2015

  • Does the IRS Investigate Money Laundering?

    Money laundering is a federal crime. This means money laundering charges are prosecuted in federal courts — where a conviction usually results in long prison sentences and enormous fines. Because this offense is a financial crime relating to the U.S. Tax Code, the Criminal Investigation (CI) division of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) frequently investigates money laundering suspects. But what ...
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  • The 5 Greatest Robberies Infographic: Does Crime Pay?

    If you’ve done the crime, you’d better be ready to do the time. Even the most ambitious criminals eventually get punished by the long arm of the law. From Saddam Hussein raiding the Bank of Iraq to the Mona Lisa being stolen from France to be returned to Italy, there’s a high price to pay if you’re caught and convicted. Our infographic highlights the top five robberies in history and the justice ...
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  • What Are the Penalties for Violating Sex Offender Registry Requirements?

    Pennsylvania residents who are currently registered or are required to register as sex offenders must comply with strict and numerous legal requirements under “Megan’s Law.” If a registered offender breaks any of these rules, there can be extremely severe criminal consequences. It’s critically important for individuals convicted of sex crimes in Pennsylvania to familiarize themselves with these ...
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  • Understanding State vs. Federal Prosecution

    Depending on a factors like jurisdiction and the type of crime committed, criminal proceedings may be handled in either a state court, or a federal court. But what are the differences between these two judicial systems? How do you know whether the state or the federal government has jurisdiction to prosecute? Which offenses are considered federal crimes? And what happens if a crime violates both ...
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  • Do All Crimes Qualify for Bail?

    During the first court appearance which follows an arrest, known in Pennsylvania as the preliminary arraignment, the Magistrate will review the case details to determine the appropriate bail. In this article, our homicide attorneys will cover how bail is set, explain the bail requirements which are imposed by the state of Pennsylvania, and discuss some of the factors that can help or hurt your ...
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  • Which Crimes Require Sex Offender Registration in Pennsylvania?

    In 1994, the New Jersey General Assembly passed a series of bills requiring information about convicted sex offenders to be disclosed to the general public. Collectively, these bills are commonly known as “Megan’s Law,” named for murder victim Megan Kanka. The bills proposed that information would be shared via a consolidated registry, which is now know as the Sex Offender Registry. While the ...
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