Blog Posts in July, 2015

  • Which Federal Crimes Have the Death Penalty?

    If you’ve ever read our blog (or follow Pennsylvania news), you’re probably already aware of the death penalty moratorium ordered by Governor Tom Wolf earlier this year. The controversial moratorium - which has been continually challenged during the past several months - temporarily suspends statewide use of capital punishment. But what about capital punishment for federal crimes ? Which federal ...
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  • Can You Expunge a Federal Crime?

    A criminal record can interfere with virtually every aspect of your daily life. In some instances, former offenders can seal their records by obtaining what’s called an expungement. In this article, our criminal defense lawyers will explain how expungements work in Pennsylvania, special rules for expunging federal crimes, and the benefits and limitations of Presidential Pardons. For understandable ...
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  • What Are the Sentences for Federal Drug Trafficking?

    Generally speaking, federal crimes are more serious than state crimes. As a result, federal crimes are also subject to their own set of sentencing rules, known collectively as the U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines. If a defendant is convicted of a federal drug crime, such as drug conspiracy, drug trafficking, or drug manufacturing, he or she will be sentenced under the federal guidelines. As ...
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  • Do Federal Crimes Have a Statute of Limitations?

    Criminal investigations can seem endless - especially when you’re the defendant. However, there are actually hard time limits on the prosecution of most federal crimes . These times limits are known as "statutes of limitations," and can vary dramatically from one offense to the next. In this article, our attorneys will explain why the statute of limitations exists, how it changes from crime to ...
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  • Is Being Drunk a Defense Against Sexual Assault Charges?

    Multiple studies and data analyses have established statistical links between intoxication and sexual assault. However, while intoxication may be a common factor in rape and sexual assault cases, that does not mean it is a defense against criminal charges. On the other hand, intoxication of the defendant and/or victim does affect how the case is prosecuted, and can ultimately have a major impact ...
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  • Philadelphia Police Filmed Beating Unarmed Black Cyclist

    Recently released footage depicting at least four Philadelphia police officers viciously beating an unarmed black bicyclist has gone viral, stirring up national outrage against the Philadelphia Police Department. The footage, recorded by a neighbor’s cell phone, captures 22-year-old Tyree Carroll being pinned down, punched, kicked, and repeatedly shocked with a Taser while he screams for to his ...
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  • Can White Collar Crimes Be Prosecuted Under RICO?

    White collar crimes like money laundering and embezzlement carry extremely harsh penalties under federal sentencing guidelines. RICO, or the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, expands the government’s powers to prosecute racketeering activity and white collar crimes. But what is racketeering, and when does a defendant violate RICO? A defendant cannot be charged with " white collar ...
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